Similar to the young women we serve at HER, at 21 years old, I began my journey from drugs, alcohol, sex work and homelessness to a life that is full of love, happiness and gratitude. In these 16 years, I learned that gratitude is more than a word, it is demonstrated in an attitude of action.

Now, I use my attitude of gratitude for the life I have by giving back what was so freely given to me. For me, this means being of service everyday to young women in my community through HER Resiliency Center (HER). Without the intensive support we provide at HER, many young women would be without positive guidance, compassion and mentorship.

This intensive care could not be given without the support of community members like you. I know that you believe in our mission at HER, and I thank you. Without you, HER would just be an idea. Instead, it is a fast growing community of women making BIG changes in their lives everyday. With the incredible success of HER in the past 20 months, we are now growing our program. In two weeks, we will launch HER Place!

What is HER Place?! It is a new transitional home for young women to live for 18-months while they get on their feet. HER Place will allow us to provide even more life changing support to the young women we serve. While living at HER Place the young women will get jobs, go back to school, engage in skill development workshops and receive mentorship.

As you can imagine, my gratitude for this day is overflowing. Each day, I share my attitude of gratitude with young women of HER.

In this holiday season, I ask you to join me in sharing an attitude of gratitude.

We still need support to complete the “homey” feel at HER Place. Please help us by making a donation online, or by purchasing an item from our Amazon Wishlist. And to really help us in this holiday season, please consider sharing this email with three friends, asking them if they too can make a contribution.

Thank you for helping make this holiday season one filled with love, warmth and gratitude.