Over the past two years I have been proud and fortunate to be able to share some of our amazing achievements, including the January opening of HER Place, a transitional home that gives young women a safe place to live and get on their feet. Through your support and generosity you have been an enormous part of that success.

Today however I write for a different and much more urgent reason – a temporary but significant funding crisis which we need your immediate help to overcome.

As a small but growing community-based non-profit, we rely on individual donations and government and foundational support through grants. While our growth has been remarkable, a sudden change in status of a primary grant has left us with a serious short-term need. This would mean furloughing staff and potentially suspending operations at HER Place. We have received word that a generous grant from a different agency will be fulfilled in the fall, but in the meantime we find ourselves in a cash flow crisis.

Like the young women we serve, we are resilient. And with your financial help and our ingenuity, HER will continue to grow, and our mission remains as focused as ever.

I urge you to use to donate button below. I will close this by telling you how important you are to our mission – one that is obviously very personal to me – and I welcome and appreciate your support. In our current climate the community needs our resources more than ever.

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Also, please take a moment to view our new video, which shares some individual success stories. We look forward to many more great success stories in 2018 and beyond; help us continue our work without even a temporary interruption. Thank you.