Pam is a loving mother of four who began her journey at HER Resiliency Center in 2021. As HER’s Baltimore Program Manager, Pam has used the skills she has developed over the past decade to help the program continue moving in a positive direction, and grow. A passionate woman of faith, Pam has taken her years of learned experience to help build a smoother road to recovery for the women that HER serves. As the former lead residential advocate for the Salvation Army’s Catherine’s Cottage, Pam developed a wealth of knowledge and training that helped propel her to fulfilling director-level responsibilities at the organization within one year. A faithful member of Uproar Church since moving to Baltimore in 2015, where she joined the church’s nonprofit as their Human Trafficking Outreach Coordinator; Pam has helped countless women reclaim their lives, fulfill their destinies, and become the women they dreamt of us as little girls through faith, perseverance, and God’s guiding hand.

Passionate about seeing women achieve their fullest potential while understanding their self-worth, Pam initiated a variety of partnerships with treatment centers, transitional houses, physicians and victim service providers assisting marginalized women over the past seven years, making her a perfect fit for HER’s Baltimore Program Manager. To contact Pam, you can reach her at: