HER Resiliency Center (HER) proudly accepts Revlon’s “Love is On” Million Dollar Challenge! Every dollar we raise will go to supporting HER’s mission of providing guidance, resources, and support to the young women we serve – and pushes us closer to one of five prizes, from $25,000 to $1,000,000!

Help us reach our goal

HER offers life skills training, individualized case management, mentoring, and peer-to-peer support to young women in Washington, DC. We serve women who lack natural supports and are facing issues such as homelessness, unemployment, unplanned pregnancy, criminal justice involvement, untreated mental illness, and substance addiction. HER asks only that its participants desire to make a positive change in their lives, encouraging each woman to begin her journey toward self-love by creating her own goals and designing her own path to stability.

HER leads with love and influences love by helping each woman recognize her own potential and nurture her unique gifts. We embrace the principles of trauma-informed care, ensuring that every woman who walks through our doors feels physically and emotionally safe, is empowered to make choices about her own life, and has a say in how services are delivered.

HER is founded on the idea that we can learn to love each other and ourselves through sharing our stories. The founder of HER, Natasha Guynes, mentors participants and staff by sharing her own journey of recovery from childhood abuse, drug addiction, homelessness, and commercial sex work. With support from caring women, Natasha found hope for a better future and overcame these struggles. She now shares her success with the young women of HER, teaching them to embrace their own stories and empowering them to write their own endings. HER was born through love, and now leads with love. We look forward to your support!