As we approach the end of 2016, I wanted to share with you some of the milestones we’ve reached. This year we went from a vision to supporting 30 young women (peers) and two full-time staff members. We’ve helped our peers:

  • Transition from foster care
  • Handle court cases
  • Find safe stable housing
  • Get jobs
  • And build a community of strong and resilient women!

The individualized time and dedication that HER gives each peer works. We know this because in just a short time, we’re already seeing the amazing impact it can have in the lives of our peers.

Meet Dehkontee:
Dehkontee joined HER this spring. She called after finding a flyer about us at a local community center. She was ready to make changes in her life but lacked the support to help actualize her dreams.

During our first meeting she proudly declared that she hadn’t used any drugs or alcohol in two weeks but needed a positive community network to ensure she was able to continue this progress. Dehkontee dove head first into HER’s programs.

  • She has attended every skill development workshop since she joined us.
  • She meets with her skills & strengths facilitator every week.
  • She meets with her mentor every week.

In the months since joining HER, Dehkontee has not only maintained her sobriety, but with our help obtained employment at a law firm, started school, and is working with her Skills & Strengths Facilitator, Sarah on studying for the Air Force entrance exam. Dehkontee has also taken a leadership role in helping new peers understand everything that HER can help with. “They just have to want it,” she says.

What’s your name? Dehkontee
How old are you? 23
What does HER mean to you? To me, HER means sisterhood and friendship.
Why is HER important to you? HER is important to me because HER make a difference in people’s lives.
How is HER different for you from other programs you’ve been a part of? Every program I have been in has made many differences in my life but with HER the women push me to do better, believe in myself, and motivate me to not be scared to step out my comfort zone. Also, HER goes out there way to see changes happen.
Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished since joining HER? Yes, I’m very proud of myself because things have not been easy for me the past month but from the help and motivation from HER, each and every day I wake, I believe in myself more and more.

Through hard work, resilience and HER support, Dehkontee has changed her life. And as a HER supporter, you have played an important part in helping her believe that she can actualize her dreams.

Thank you, and thank you for your continued support.