What To Expect


What to expect.

Every day is different because our peers’ needs, wants, and goals grow and change daily. Each peer determines their life’s direction, but we are all about EXPOSURE! We demonstrate to peers the different opportunities available to them.

A sample day for a peer.

8:30am Receive a text from your HER Mentor saying they are proud of you and reminding you to dress appropriately for your interview later that morning.

10am HER staff gives you a ride to meet with a potential employer. On the way, you do a final round of practice interview questions.

10:30am Arrive for interview. HER staff reminds you to bring your resume and wishes you good luck.

11:30am Finish the interview. HER staff helps you with interview follow up, such as coaching you about what to say to your references and to confirm that you can give the potential employer their name, phone number, and email.

5:00pm Attend a HER Community Event, which could be a trip to the Meditation Center or a HER Life Skills Workshops. Plus, you’ll have time to build community with other peers.

6:00pm Go home. Write a thank you note to the prospective employer.